Empowering Australians: Time for a Nuclear Power Plebiscite

Ray Payne OAM- 20/06/2024

Australia stands at a crossroads. With the recent unveiling of the Coalition’s plans for nuclear power generation by Peter Dutton, it’s clear that we need to confront the reality of our energy future head-on. It’s time for Australians to take charge and demand a plebiscite on this critical issue in conjunction with the next federal election. The question is straightforward: should Australia embrace nuclear power to replace fossil fuels in electricity generation? Yes or No.

It is baffling that despite our nation’s impressive educational achievements, we have yet to harness the potential of nuclear energy. The first nuclear fission powerhouses, submarines, and ships were developed many years ago. Today, there are hundreds of nuclear power generators worldwide, yet none in Australia. Why? The answer lies in decades of misinformation and a lack of public understanding.

Many of our tertiary-educated professionals seem to have missed the fundamental principles of nuclear power. This energy source, utilized safely and efficiently by numerous countries, remains off-limits in Australia due to outdated fears and political inertia. It’s time for a change.

The Australian people deserve the right to decide their energy future. We must move beyond the political games and let the public have a say. A plebiscite offers a democratic solution, allowing every Australian to voice their opinion on whether nuclear power should be part of our energy mix. This decision should not be left to a select few in Canberra but should be made by the millions who will be directly impacted by it.

For too long, Australians have been subjected to half a century of biased rhetoric against nuclear power. It’s time to cut through the noise and make an informed decision based on facts, not fear. We need reliable, affordable, and continuous baseload power to maintain our status as a first-world nation. Renewable energy sources, while important, cannot alone meet these needs. Without a strong energy foundation, we risk slipping into second-world status, dependent on imports for basic necessities and unable to support robust heavy industries.

Our predecessors have worked hard to build a prosperous nation, and we owe it to them and future generations to make wise energy choices. Let us not squander their legacy by shying away from the nuclear option without due consideration.

As we approach the next federal election, let’s demand a plebiscite on nuclear power. This issue is far more critical to our nation’s future than the divisive Voice Referendum of 2023. It’s about securing a sustainable, prosperous future for all Australians.

So, let’s put it to a vote. Let the people decide whether nuclear power should be a part of Australia’s energy strategy. It’s time to end the political posturing and let common sense prevail. Australia, it’s your future – make your voice heard!

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  • Clive Bond June 20, 2024   Reply →

    We don’t need unreliable wiindmills and solar panels. There is no climate crisis, why?

    Carbon dioxide iis a trace gas, just 0.04% of the atmosphere, can that be the major driver of the climate?
    Carbon dioxide provides only 5% of the greenhouse effect, water vapour 95%.
    Over hundreds, thousands and millions of years there has been no correlation between carbon dioxide levels and temperature. No correlation, no causation.
    The greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide is logarithmic NOT linear. So the more you put in the less effect it has, ultimately zero. It was once 7000ppm and the planet thrived.

  • John William CLARKSON June 22, 2024   Reply →

    In recent times we have heard the opinions of Members of Parliament of both sides. And that is precisely what they are – opinions. If members of a large corporation or a large company were to submit a proposal which would change their entire power structure, not even their CEO would accept any proposal without a thorough “Risk Analysis” being done by a qualified company who had no connection to either side of that company. I am tired of hearing politicians making statements like “It’s such a dumb idea” without backing up his statement with well researched facts.
    So, I suggest to Peter Dutton that he engage a highly qualified company, with NO political connections to either side of politics to carry out a thorough Risk Analysis of Nuclear Power for national domestic and professional usage.
    Personally, I favour the idea of developing nuclear power, but that is my personal opinion, and it would be received as just that.
    So, what is a ‘Risk Analysis’? This selected body would collate all the risks, all the benefits, all the logistical obstacles, all the costs and all the maintenance issues and collate them into an order of seriousness. Each topic would be assessed as to its risk and/or its benefit. Finally, the overall picture would emerge as to the benefit of the proposal. Then the powers-to-be could give a calculated decision of the proposal with all the benefits and/or the risks laid out. During my working life with an operations branch of a major airline, I was involved in several risk analysis projects, some major and some not so.
    So, I suggest to Peter Dutton that he engage the services of a major company who has dealt with nuclear power in many forms to carry out a thorough risk analysis. Then, and only then, could he present a well researched proposal to the nation. In this way, political opinions, be they from the left or the right, would have no place in the argument.

  • Ken.T. June 24, 2024   Reply →

    If we are to get Climate Change and the Oceans are going to rise, invading the low-lying grounds along the coast, and along the rivers why are the Banks and Lenders still lending Millions to build in these areas?? The Argument of these creations are full of holes. The water is leaking out everywhere from their stories of wow. It is similar to that bloody big hole in the ozone layer that kept wondering about, then the water was coming up to wipe out the coast along South Australia, and just after that and before the floods it was never going to rain again to fill the dams, so the Drongo’s built Desalination Plants which are white elephants since the last floods and costing millions to run. Did anyone notice that pimp head got a job with Macquarie Bank after he left the State Government in a mess? Macquarie Bank bankrolled the Desalination plant for the Government then. But nothing to see here, move along.

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