High Performing Teams in the Combined Arms Environment

How does Army’s Combat Training Centre (CTC) enable high-performing teams to reach their potential? Their potential to respond to crisis; to win in combat; and, their potential to win the first battle of the next war. The Commander of CTC, Colonel Ben McLennan, CSC and Bar, sets forth two historical examples of teams: one that succeeds, and one that fails. He looks at what worked and what fell apart. What happened to the teams? How did they reach their potential? The CTC exists to help the Australian military’s largest tactical teams reach their highest performing potential. It is why members at the Combat Training Centre get out of bed in the morning; to help service members in teams ranging in size from 100 to 10,000. In this CoveTalk, COL McLennan identifies the learning opportunities for Australia’s largest tactical teams, before going on to answer five important questions that are directing the future of CTC.

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