HMAS Sydney Begins Regional Presence Deployment

The Hobart Class guided-missile destroyer, HMAS Sydney, along with its MH-60R Seahawk helicopter and a crew of about 200, was farewelled at Fleet Base East for a four-month regional presence deployment.

During this period, HMAS Sydney will participate in Exercise RIMPAC, the world’s largest international maritime exercise, Exercise Pacific Dragon, and Operation Argos, which supports UN sanctions against North Korea. The ship will also engage in activities with regional partners to enhance cooperation and interoperability.

Exercise RIMPAC 24 will involve 40 surface ships, 4 submarines, 14 national land forces, over 170 aircraft, and approximately 25,000 personnel from 30 nations, providing a significant training opportunity and strengthening regional security relationships.

Commodore Jonathan Ley emphasized that these deployments reflect Australia’s commitment to regional engagement and maintaining a near-continuous presence in the Indo-Pacific. He extended his best wishes to Commander Grant Coleman and his crew.

Commander Coleman expressed the crew’s eagerness to represent Australia in Exercise RIMPAC and throughout the deployment.

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