How good is the Collins class submarine?

The Collins class is a fleet of six Australian submarines constructed by Tenix Defence during the 1990s and 2000s. These submarines are recognized as some of the most advanced and capable in the world, boasting cutting-edge features such as stealth technology, air-independent propulsion, sophisticated sensor arrays, long-range operational capabilities, and substantial payload capacities.

The Collins class submarines have demonstrated their prowess through significant achievements, including circumnavigating the globe without the need for refuelling and undertaking critical patrols in strategically vital areas such as the South China Sea. These feats underscore their operational versatility and endurance.

However, the Collins class has not been without its challenges. The submarines have encountered various technical issues and maintenance difficulties over the years, necessitating continuous upgrades to stay abreast of contemporary technological advancements. These challenges have required substantial effort and resources to address.

Despite these obstacles, the Collins class submarines remain a cornerstone of Australia’s national security strategy. Their advanced capabilities and proven performance continue to provide Australia with a potent and reliable underwater defence force, contributing significantly to the nation’s maritime security and defence posture.

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