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  • Ken.T. June 16, 2024   Reply →

    We have so much to learn and catch up on. We need sound hard and knowledgeable Leadership before we are taken down. The Chinese have our Pollies by the short and curly regardless of what Albo says. Just mention any Chines Diplomat or Party member to Albo and watch his eyes widen and his tongue flap like a pet Poodles. When you evaluate our Leadership needs, it is in the Government, as well as the military and industry where we are lacking most from sound and knowledgeable leadership. I am not a scholar of psychology in the field of leadership abilities. There are people out there who understand what is needed and how to achieve it. They have to step forward and take the bit between their teeth and drag us all into a place of Freedom, security, and productivity where we can then compete with the world around us and take our place amongst those of similar views. I fear that if this doesn’t happen soon we will be regretting more than the high price of the cost of living we now have.

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