Reflections on the First 2024 Presidential Debate

The first 2024 Presidential debate has come to a close. For many, it served as a moment of clarity, while for others, it brought about a wave of confusion.

My Impressions

The new microphone system didn’t pose significant issues. While it reduced the likelihood of heated exchanges, it maintained order during the debate. Contrary to some online concerns, CNN did not “abuse” this system. However, CNN did attempt to assist Biden at times by cutting him off when he appeared to be mumbling. This intervention sparked mixed reactions, with some viewing it as an attempt to protect the President, while others saw it as a necessary measure to keep the debate on track.

Despite this, it appears that people across the political spectrum agree that Biden should step down due to his apparent difficulty in remembering things and forming coherent sentences and thoughts. Even left-wing media outlets went into panic mode. CNN reported that Democrats found Biden’s performance “dismal.”

Overall, the first 2024 Presidential debate has set the stage for a contentious and closely watched election season. As candidates continue to campaign and prepare for future debates, the issues raised, and impressions formed during this initial encounter will undoubtedly influence the strategies and narratives moving forward.


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  • Clive Bond June 29, 2024   Reply →

    I watched that and for a fair bit of the time I had trouble making out what Biden was saying. The thing I like about Trump is he’s not a politician.

  • Brian Hurlock June 30, 2024   Reply →

    The thing I found surprising is that “suddenly “ Democrats and the “False News” pack of Lefties, think Biden has problems! What? It has been patently obvious for the past 3 years! Were they not looking and listening? Were they refusing to accept the obvious, in false hope that his “condition” would improve?
    And now, as well as going into panic mode, the whole media Left cabal has one defence they cry in unison, “Trump is a liar!”. Well, yes, he is – he is more of a showman than he is a politician! But he is also a DOER, a LEADER, and a negotiator! I don’t like the bragging, narcissistic clown, but he is needed right now, to have a second go at MAGA! The Western Civilisation needs him now, more than ever! Like him or loathe him, we should ALL have our fingers crossed hoping he is successful as the next POTUS over the next 4 years!

  • Peter Billington June 30, 2024   Reply →

    Ditto Clive and Brian above 100%,
    But because he is DONALD TRUMP, he is our best chance of avoiding a third world war.

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