Royal Commision Update

The Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide had planned to deliver a special report to the Governor-General in June 2024, detailing a proposal for a new independent implementation entity to follow the Royal Commission. This will now be included as part of the Final Report (to be delivered to the Governor-General on 9 September this year) and will be the centrepiece of the Royal Commission’s recommendations. This entity would provide independent oversight – including monitoring the implementation of the Royal Commission’s recommendations – and help to ensure that the prevention of Defence and veteran suicide and suicidality is a paramount consideration for the Government.

RSL Australia will continue to strongly advocate that the Government support the establishment of an independent implementation entity and establish a National Commissioner for Defence and Veteran Wellbeing to ensure there is a sustained and permanent watch on the health and wellbeing of current and ex-serving ADF members. RSL Australia is also advocating for a national peak body for the ESO sector to represent and advocate for the needs of Australian veterans, their families, and ESO organisations.


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  • Ken.T. June 16, 2024   Reply →

    Let us hope that someone in the Swamp which is Canberra, looks at the report and takes it to heart with some form of sincerity. I will not hold my breath that there may be someone down that way who just could take the report seriously. Most Pollies put reports and investigations into the Bin which they see as a way to distance the Answer from the Questions and a way to get their mates a few extra Dollars by running the committee and doing a report. Ever since the Enemy stopped wearing a Uniform it is getting harder to identify the Baddies in the world.

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