The C-7A Caribou in Vietnam – the Hà Thành Special Forces Camp incident, August 1967

The Caribou was certainly a stalwart and reliable aircraft in Vietnam. The incident at the  Hà Thành Special Forces Camp in Quảng Ngãi Province is “infamous/notorious” in the history of the War. A US C-7A Caribou aircraft was destroyed in unusual circumstances at Hà Thành in August 1967 – struck by friendly artillery fire (see the photograph below). The US crew – two captains, one sergeant were killed in the incident.

Regards, Ernie Chamberlain


ED: Friendly fire incidents such as this one were a somber reality for military forces, reflecting the difficulties in coordination and communication amidst the fog of war. The Hà Thành incident remains a significant and somber chapter in the history of the C-7A Caribou’s service in Vietnam, highlighting both the aircraft’s crucial role and the profound sacrifices of those who operated and relied on it. Thanks again Ernie.

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  • Alex Berry June 18, 2024   Reply →

    Great articles.
    Well done!

  • Don McLean A315068 LAC. June 18, 2024   Reply →


    A significant event occurred concerning a Caribou in probably 1967. I remember it because I had recently been discharged after a six-year enlistment.

    The RAAF Caribou was damaged in action in Vietnam. To recover the aircraft, it needed to have a wing replaced. The USAF would have destroyed it but not the RAAF. A wing with USAF markings was flown in by helicopter, Then the RAAF airframe fitters changed the wing, something they had never done on a Caribou before.
    While they worked, they were sometimes under enemy fire.

    Job completed, the Caribou was flown out, with one wing showing the RAAF roundel and the other showing USAF markings. The story was told in an issue of RAAF News, probably early in 1967.

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