Who’ll stop us becoming collateral damage?

CHARLES McMoran Wilson, Baron Moran, was Winston Churchill’s physician, confidant and companion during the critical years of his statesmanship.

Like Churchill a World War I veteran, Moran wrote extensively, including the seminal Anatomy of Courage on soldiers in combat and its effects on their health and wellbeing.

He controversially diarised Churchill’s multiple physical and mental struggles until the latter’s 1965 death, including his cognitive decline during his final years.

Moran did not describe Churchill’s alcohol consumption as excessive contrary to perceptions of many of his political critics, including supposed allies.

While in South Africa Banjo Paterson was astonished to observe Churchill and his cousin consuming a large bottle of beer with breakfast, not an uncommon practice in contemporary shearing sheds which Paterson regularly observed.

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Who’ll stop us becoming collateral damage? | Australian Defence History, Policy and Veterans Issues (targetsdown.blogspot.com)

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