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I'm away for the Weekend.

This afternoon we are leaving for a weekend away. We will be back on Monday. Ray

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Preserve ANZAC Day in South Australia: A Call to Action. By Ray Payne OAM In a distressing turn of events, […]

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Nicolle Flint: 'Un-Australian' scrubbing of phrase 'Anzac Day' from SA's public holiday laws is an insult to our veterans.

Anyone wanting to know the definition of the term “un-Australian” should look no further than a state Labor government that […]

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Unleashing the "Ghosts of the Jungle"

Contrary to popular belief, the United States did not stand alone in its efforts to support South Vietnam during the […]

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Recent research indicates a significant increase in the number of senior officers within the Australian Defence Force (ADF) over the […]

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Why was the SR-71 considered to be more difficult to fly than the U-2?

By Rebecca  Williams – Quora The SR-71 was much faster than the U-2, reaching speeds of over Mach 3 at […]

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