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'Vung Tau Ferry' commemoration Thursday, 30th May, Southbank Brisbane

ED: A message from the Naval Association of Australia The Naval Association of Australia will commemorate HMAS Sydney and all the ships […]

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The British Conquer Sudan: 1898 Historical Battle of Omdurman | Total War Battle

The Battle of Omdurman in 1898 was a decisive conflict in which British and Egyptian forces, led by General Herbert […]

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5RAR to hold a 60th Anniversary Reunion 2025

The 5 RAR Association is pleased to announce the celebration of its 60th Anniversary Reunion, scheduled to take place from […]

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Top Russian Military Officials Arrested Amid Corruption Crackdown

Recent arrests of high-ranking Russian military officials have raised questions about President Vladimir Putin’s motives and control over the Defence […]

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Criminal Sudanese migrant who ‘identifies as Aboriginal’ allowed to stay in Australia

A Sudanese migrant with a criminal record who “self-identifies” as an Aboriginal man was granted the right to stay in […]

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UK Conservatives Propose Mandatory National Service for 18-Year-Olds if Elected.

If the governing Conservative Party wins the national election on July 4, all 18-year-olds in Britain will be required to […]

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