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Nuclear Energy: A Safe and Proven Solution

Associate Professor Hooker strongly supports opposition leader Peter Dutton’s recent proposal for nuclear energy, emphasizing that nuclear power is a […]

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Finally! Ukrainian Pilots Finishes A-10 Aircraft Training in Ukraine

Some video footage of Ukrainian pilots has completed training on A-10 Thunderbolt II at a military base in Arizona in […]

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Drum Majors Course

Last month, Corporal Jaiden Redman, alongside three other members of the Australian Army Band, attended the prestigious Drum Majors Course […]

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Peter Dutton's Nuclear Proposal: A Game Changer in the Energy Market

Westmeyer Blog: Peter Dutton’s recent announcement went beyond routine policy; it signalled a credible challenge to an industry cushioned by […]

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Rising Right-Wing Extremism Among Young Australians

Media Release: A Senate committee has raised concerns about the increasing involvement of young Australians in right-wing extremism. On June […]

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Sunday afternoon treat

Sunday afternoon treat … 20 years old Lucy Thomas. Enjoy  

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