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Anzac Day Trading Laws Under Review: A Call to Respond

The Anzac Day commemorations, a solemn day on the Australian calendar, has prompted the NSW government to reassess trading regulations […]

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Taiwan Unveils First Domestically Produced Submarine, Marking a New Defence Era.

Picture: Taiwan’s first domestically made submarine. Photo: Presidential Office. In a landmark move towards bolstering national defence and showcasing manufacturing […]

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Request from a Nasho to Nashos WA Group.

My name is Brien Stent service number 5714201, I was in the February 1966 Intake to Puckapunyal … then to […]

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WHO:  All those who were conscripted into the Army early October 1967 including wives and partners. WHEN: For two weeks […]

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Julie and I are setting sail on a P&O cruise out of Brisbane to PNG along with two other couples. […]

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MRH90 Taipan grounded at last

In an unexpected decision, Australia has chosen to prematurely retire its fleet of NH Industries MRH90 Taipan multi-role helicopters. Throughout […]

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