Fontline was initiated in 2001 with the primary goal of connecting veterans and keeping them informed about updates and changes relevant to their community. Founded during that time, the network began collating and disseminating information to approximately 160 veterans via email, a majority of whom hailed from the First Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (1 RAR), with many still retaining their subscriptions to this day.

During its growth trajectory, the network expanded organically, propelled by word of mouth as more veterans joined its ranks. Numerous veterans’ associations also embraced the platform, urging their members to become subscribers. The overarching intention was to provide a conduit for staying abreast of any alterations in the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) policies that could offer support to veterans. Additionally, the network fostered discussion on social matters, which captured considerable interest within the community.

The network’s achievements were evident in its ability to successfully reconnect veterans with long-lost comrades and even family members. The track record showed a 100% success rate in these reunions, highlighting the network’s significance in forging these meaningful connections.

Recognizing the diversity of interests and time constraints among veterans, the Frontline Team encouraged recipients to approach the communications much like perusing a newspaper – selecting what intrigued them and discarding the rest.

Beyond information-sharing, the network took on the responsibility of addressing a pressing concern: the social isolation often experienced by veterans. Although face-to-face interactions might be limited, the Frontline Team aimed to provide a sense of connection to the external world, mitigating the effects of isolation through virtual means.




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