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The Sino-Vietnamese War EXPLAINED | Border Conflict 1979

The Sino-Vietnamese War [Feb 17, 1979 – Mar 16, 1979]. In this video, I’ll go over the three major reasons […]

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The Australian Tunnel Rats: Courage in the Depths of Vietnam's Tunnels

The Australian Tunnel Rats, a group of fearless men serving in the Engineer Field Troops during the Vietnam War, played […]

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"No. 35 Squadron RAAF in Vietnam: The Unsung Heroes of 'Wallaby Airlines'"

The year 1966 marked a significant transformation for the Royal Australian Air Force Transport Flight Vietnam (RAAF TFV) as it […]

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Wind and solar are not environmentally safe.

Another view as to why wind and solar are not environmentally safe. Professor Plimer aims to unravel the knowledge gap […]

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