311557 Joseph James Smith MC & Bar – 1RAR 68-69 – AATTV 70-71

Vale Major Jock Smith MC and BAR 

“Major Jock Smith was a proven, strong and fearless leader. It was not only the foe on the battlefield that experienced his wrath. Canberra suits were known to dive for cover, during many of his crusades seeking a fair go for soldiers under his command. Jock was a true blue cobber and dear comrade in arms.

George Mansford 


“Until we are all together again”

In the mist of time, Jock’s fond familiar image reaches out

Fleeting frames of determination, duty and a heart so stout

Forever, will be the sweet and glorious memories

Of his brotherhood, dash, daring and familiar cries of “follow me”

A proud history of brave deeds with his signature clearly seen

Of battle discipline where ever he had been

Yet in barracks, his voice, always strident and strong

So often heard defending soldiers who had been wronged

Now he is travelling to join his old column so far away

Where familiar laughter and song can be heard night and day

A camp with sentries alert for military ghosts leaving Aussie shores

A challenge “who goes there?” and JJ is with old comrades once more

George Mansford ©November 2021


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