Funeral Details for MAJGEN D M Butler AO, DSO

The funeral of MAJGEN D M Butler, AO, DSO will be conducted at the RMC Chapel, Duntroon, Canberra at 1.30 pm, Monday 7 December 2020.

It is realised little time is left to organise travel and that there remain questions about COVID etc.     However, all are welcome to attend. Personnel driving to Duntroon is advised to enter via the back gate and into the car park from where a bus shuttle service will ferry people to the Chapel.    Note, other parking exists in the camp including near the Sergeants’ Mess.   There will be some special parking for disabled personnel with signposting.

This will be a full military funeral in accordance with the entitlement for officers of major-general rank.    Those attending should wear uniform, suit, or coat –with medals.

After the service refreshments will be served in Duntroon House.

Please send any condolence messages via Brigadier (retired)Terry Holland’s email address:    [email protected]

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