Maurice (Mick) Roberts ALCOCK – S/8660 Supply Assistant

From William L Krause

Mick Alcock (24/6/1925 – 16/01/2022) passed away this morning, he was over 96yrs old. Until recent times he was still driving and cheerful, he developed a brain tumour which took his life.

Mick served on HMAS Vendetta (D069) as a Supply Assistant during 1945 while the ship served in New Guinea waters and went on to be part of the HMAS Vendetta (D069) decommissioning crew.

To the best of our knowledge, Mick was the last surviving crew member of HMAS Vendetta (D069).

Mick served in the Royal Australian Navy from 08/06/1943 – 16/08/1946.

Mick has taken his final voyage across the bar; his watches are done, and he may now rest easy with his shipmates.   Fair winds and calm seas.

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