27 January 1947 – 19 July 2022

PTE Barry ‘Spike’ Pemberton died on Tuesday 19 July, in the Norwest Private Hospital, due to a cardiac problem, in recent times he had not been travelling well for quite a long period.

Barry enlisted in March 1964, did Recruit Training with 1 RTB, Corps Training with Infantry Centre and then joined 2 RAR. In January 1966 he was transferred to 5 RAR and deployed to South Vietnam on 6 May, Barry completed the Battalion’s full 1966-67 Tour of Duty. He served in Admin Company, as a member of the band, but on operations or patrols, he operated as a stretcher-bearer for Bravo Company. Barry later served with the Armoured Corps Band and took discharge in March 1970.

At this stage, we have no funeral details or a photo of Barry.



Gary Townsend

5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

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