VALE: 1201398 Lionel Leslie CORRIE …. 7 Sep 46 – 10 Oct 22

Today I received sad news from Laurie Woods advising that Lionel passed away this morning. Woodsy was contacted by a family member and told that Lionel had ‘blacked out’, fallen over and was unable to be resuscitated.  No further details are known at this time. In the past few years Lionel has had some health issues, and at times was unsteady on his feet and prone to falling over. Woodsy was speaking with him last Saturday, and other than the known health issues was in good spirits

Lionell enlisted in 1967 and was later allocated to 9RAR where he served with Aslt-Pioneer Pl as a driver. He was qualified ECN 019 (Aslt-Pnr). For many years he has been an active and enthusiastic participant at Pioneer & Battalion Reunions. I’ll advise funeral details when known ….. RIP Lionel!

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Rod Slater

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