Vale: 16265 John Francis Digweed – RAEME

It is with great sadness we advise of the passing of John Digweed on Tuesday  26th July 2022.

John served with 161 (Indep) Recce Flt from 25 November 1969 until 02 May 1970. From 02 May 1970 until 26 November 1970 John served as the OC 3rd Cavalry Regiment LAD.

John was born on 01 August 1938 in Brisbane.

I don’t have details of John’s postings post-Vietnam however, his last posting that I am aware of was as the CO of 5 Base Wksp at Oakey between November 1981 until January 1986 when Glen Duus took over as the CO of the Workshop.

John had been in a nursing home in Toowoomba for some time with dementia.

He is survived by his wife Lee and family.

We do not have details of John’s funeral which will be held next week.

May He Rest In Peace – Lest We Forget.

Regards, Len

Phone 0409 334 884 or 07 5445 7275


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