Vale 213525 Neil Jackson Rankin – 6RAR Two tours

Sad to hear another Long Tan veteran has passed away yesterday, 8 May 2024 – Staff Sergeant Neil Jackson Rankin, 83 years young. Neil was Platoon Sergeant of 10 Platoon, Delta Company, 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment and fought in the Battle of Long Tan.

Neil was born in Aberdare, New South Wales, Australia, on the 4 December 1941 and he enlisted in the Australian Army on 2 June 1966 serving twice with 6RAR.

Much loved dad, brother, uncle, poppy and grandpoppy, husband, friend, and soldier.

Thoughts are with his family, friends, and mates.

Rest In Peace, Neil. Lest we forget.


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  • Ernest Chamberlain May 14, 2024   Reply →

    Neil Rankin – 6RAR: His camera became VC “war booty” at the Battle of Long Tan.
    Footnote 168 in Chamberlain, E.P., The 275th VC Regiment – 2022:
    6RAR lost one weapon in the ((Long Tan)) engagement – an AR-15/M-16 rifle. Late on 18 August – the day of the Battle, the D/6RAR CSM passed an SLR recovered from a 6RAR casualty to Captain Bryan Wickens (Intelligence Officer, 6RAR) – who was only armed with a 9mm pistol. Initially, it was believed that the SLR had been lost to the enemy, but was returned by Captain Wickens to the CSM later on 19 August. Only one weapon was not recovered – an AR-15 rifle. Email – Wickens to Chamberlain, 22 August 2016. During the Battle, the camera of Sergeant N.J. Rankin (10/D/6RAR) was taken from his pack by the “rummaging” VC – see the captured 275th Regiment cadre’s “Notebook 1075” – VCATT Item No. F034603070247. Several years later – on 31 March 1971, in engagements with D445 at YS 584722 near the Sông Ray River. 1 ATF elements in Operation Briar Patch were forced to withdraw under heavy fire and abandoned the weapons of their wounded – including: three SLR rifles, one M60 machinegun, two M72 LAWs, and 30 Claymore mines. The D445 History claims “9 AR-15s” were seized.” See: Chamberlain, E.P., … D445 … , 2016, pp.139-140.

  • Vic Moulder May 14, 2024   Reply →

    A correction is required here, Neil inlisted in the Australian Army in 1960 not 1966 I served with him in C.Company 2 RAR Malaya 1961 to 1963. Vic Moulder rest in peace Neil

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