SGT Vincent ‘Vince’ Cleary died on Monday 20 May he had been suffering for some time.

Vince enlisted in 1962 completed his recruit and corps training and was posted to Echo Company, 1 RAR. He was a founding member of 5 RAR on 1 March 1965. Vince deployed to Vietnam with 1 Platoon, Alpha Company in May 1966 and served for the complete 1966-67 Tour of Duty. He returned to Australia, with the Battalion, aboard HMAS Sydney docking on 12 May 1967

A Funeral Service will be held for Vince on Thursday, 30th May 2024 at 11:00 hours at Albany Creek Memorial Park, 400 Albany Creek Road, Bridgeman Downs, QLD.


Gary Townsend

5 RARA Membership Officer/Tiger Tales Editor

[email protected]

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