VALE 216183 Corporal James (Jim) Harvath WILLIAMS 28 July 2023

It is in sadness and respect that I offer this Commemoration (attached) for Jim our fellow Sappers passing around 1300hrs yesterday.

To his family and friends Condolences are offered for a stalwart of the unit, one of those who set up on that beach in 1966 the unit we all ended up serving in in much more comfort.

Thanks to Jimmy and his cohort of those early years in country.

He had many a tale to tell, which kept us entertained in the years following the war, as we all have, about the ups-n-downs of that sandy place.

To his family and friends’ condolences are not enough (in my opinion) but, the thanks to them, for having Jim be a part of our lives also.

I first met Jim in country when serving on the LSM AV 1355 Vernon Sturdee. At that time, the De Long Pier was being constructed alongside the hard the Sturdee was beached.

The hammers were knocking in the massive pylons and shaking the innards out of our ship. I had a bitch to Jimmy about the rattle and noise, and he quickly offered to change units with me

and see if I would like the sandy beach side area of 55. Needless to say, I declined.  At our many meetings into later years, his first greetings to me were “Wanna swap Speedie”  (Aha! The truth is out!)

Aye, the lad from Birkenhead England,  will be sorely missed by us all!

I wish to thank Rod Bourke for his call yesterday afternoon with the sad news, and Mick Salienko our erstwhile Chief and 55 Custodian for his confirmation.

On a personal note, you may have not heard much from me in the past year or so, suffice to say, I have been unwell and through a heap of help from the medical fraternity, hospitals and last but not least,

DVA who have done so much to assist in my domestic and other et al issues.  I am on the mend and as Jimmy would say “bugger off Speedie get of your arse and live again” which I plan to do with some moral help and assistance from those who have persevered with me.

Might also add that I send my notices of this kind (and AM PLEASED TO CONTINUE WHERE I LEFT OFF) on to the Sapper Fraternity et all for their information.

My kindest regards at this sad time

Hans-Joachim (John or Speedie) SAHARIV

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