Vale: 218408 Robert Geoffrey George – 9RAR 1968-69

I received a very disturbing call from one of our beloved NOK, Carol Rogers (nee George) yesterday, the details of which are in the email below. For context, two George brothers served with us in Vietnam, Barry and Bobby. Barry in A2 and Bob in C Coy. Sadly Barry was KIA in April 1969. Bobby came home but served a lifetime with a military career in which he attained the highest rank possible for an NCO, that of RSM of the Army. Inexplicably, he died and was buried without the knowledge of his sisters or his military family. He deserved better.

Carol’s email states:

Hi Doug,

Nice to speak to you yesterday Sadly Bob passed away 20.2.23 from a heart attack and was buried at Mt Gravatt cemetery yesterday.

Neither my sister Lyn nor I, his only living relatives, were informed of his passing. Bob was a volunteer at Jimboomba RSL in QLD but they also did not contact us, telling a neighbour it was too hard to find his relatives.

I have asked the President to call me this morning. I also have concerns about where his medals are and will keep you posted as they are located. Bob’s wife Bev has had health issues over the years and has an impaired capacity to remain living on her own.

Bob was not buried in the Returned Soldiers Section of the cemetery and did not receive a Military funeral which is devastating for Lyn and I after the service he gave to his country and the dreadful effect Vietnam had on our entire family with losing Barry in 1969 and the health issues for Bob.

Please inform the Vets of Bob’s passing and I will be in contact when all is sorted out with his solicitor etc.

Love to you and the men of 9 RAR

Carol Rogers Further info on Bobby George from Mick Mummery:

G’day Doug, More on Bob George, yes his brother was KIA while serving with A Coy and yes Bob did come home at the request of his mother and as was the practice of the day. However, Bob fought to be allowed to return to C Coy and did so, returning to spend the rest of our tour with us returning home again on HMAS Sydney. Bob served under Laurie Lewis as the Comd RSM in Adelaide 1986-7 or thereabouts. Bob was one of my soldiers in 7 Pl whilst we were in Woodside. The last time I saw him was in Brisbane during the Last Bn reunion there in about 2012. A fine soldier, he will be missed by many. Regards Mick


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