Vale 2257862 Michael (Shorty) Rusden – 7RAR 1970-71

Reaching out for a veteran who never mentioned his Vietnam service

Calling on any veterans on the Gold Coast for help farewell one of my mates ex 7 RAR Vietnam 2nd tour Michael Rusden who was a loaner.

His daughter Katinka ask me did I know how many veterans with medals would come to the funeral service Southport Lawn Cemetery a spot chosen by his only daughter and husband and two little children for the service is Lawn 5b plot e-29

As Shorty Rusden was a recluse, I am putting this out there as no brother should go out on their own the service will be held Monday 21st Nov at 10 AM on sight under a large tree.

Another mate is gone, Rest in peace Michael.

Tony Scroope


[email protected]


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