Vale 2793137 WO2 Robert (Snoopy) Reed – 8RAR 1970-71

I have a sad duty to report the death and funeral of my mate.

Please be advised that the funeral for WO2 Robert (Snoopy) Reed,  8RAR SVN and RACT Frt Handler WO will be held at Gin Gin cemetery in Qld on Monday the 13th February 2023 at 10:00am local time.

Medals are to be worn for all veterans attending. If we can get the ceremony streamed, we will advise.

Snoopy was tragically killed in a car accident near Gin Gin on the 13TH Jan 2023.

His sole surviving family member is Scott Reed and he has requested that Dad’s mates come along to farewell him.

Peter McNamara

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