Vale: 35803 Lt Col Ian (Trader) Charles Teague – Commando RNSWR ( Cdo), AATTV, SASR.

Trader passed away 30 March 2022.

To a leader I completed a Small-Scale Raids Course with 1 Cdo Coy in 1962 and the ADJT was Trader who was attending the course along with the likes of WO2’s Ken Stoker DCM and Ernest  (OZZIE) Ostara DCM all ARA Cadre members. I must say it was hard all cam up in the LUP and Ian wearing his white diving jumper.

My next time serving with Ian was when he was CO Recruit Training Wing RTW (1978) at Kapooka, he did an outstanding job and I had many hours each day talking about Commando’s, Special Operations Courses and of courses Civilian Sport Skydiving which he had some 200 jumps and was proud of his Skydiving log book.

I kept in touch over the time e.g. email and talks at the ANZAC Day March.

What a great life, God Bless.

David Waterston


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