Vale – 38756 WO1 Theodorus (Ted) Hendricus Mathiam Maria Boltong 14th Sept 45 – 22nd Feb 22

On 22nd February 2022 I said goodbye to a wonderful and dear friend and today I am sharing this very sad and painful news with you. Ted was not only my friend of many years but someone that I admired and looked up to.

Ted was a Vietnam Veteran who, after discharging from the ARA, joined the Reserve at 7 Field Engineer Regiment (Ringwood) rising through the ranks to Warrant Officer Class One (WO1) with 2 RSM appointments one being at 7th Engineer Support Regiment (7 ERS) and the other 3rd Recruit Training Battalion (3 TRG Gp) retiring in 2000 after 37 years of military service.

Without doubt Ted was the ultimate and professional soldier who would not accept second best in any aspect of his life and that included both his civilian and military life.

Many reading this email would know Ted for his friendly, easy-going approach which rubbed off onto so many others around him – nothing seemed to rattle him.

I have pondered long and hard how to write this email to convey to you all just what a wonderful person we have said goodbye to but try as I might nothing is working for me and I am still completely numb trying to comprehend the suddenness of Ted’s passing and the fact he will no longer be a physical presence in my life.

Ted was a husband, father, grandfather, golfer, friend, mentor and Veteran who is survived by his wife Maria, children (Trevor and Anna), family and a large group of friends. Our deepest sympathy and condolences are extended to all.

In 2016 I helped write an article on Ted which appeared in our Sapper Summit magazine and I am attaching it so that you will be able to understand just what an amazing person he was. I think this article explains everything so take a minute to read it. Remember it was written some years back.

Funeral arrangements are yet to be finalized but will be as per the family notice

Farewell, my dear friend – you have left a void in my life that will not be filled and I will miss you and our catch ups so very much

You have fulfilled your duty to your country well and truly above that expected of anyone and now you deserve the rest.

Rest in Peace


Jim Davis.

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