Vale: Billy Skinner – 2RAR Vietnam

Sad news, Billy Skinner ex – 2 RAR. Vietnam passed away peacefully in his sleep at 4.08 am yesterday. He had been fighting a very aggressive cancer, beat it twice before but on Monday he had a heart attack, was rushed to hospital, they resuscitated him but broke a rib or two in the process, hence putting him in extreme pain. They gave him something to relieve the pain. In the end I think he just wanted to go to sleep. Both his daughters, Karen and Ann were by his side when he gave three deep breaths and he went into eternal peaceful sleep. I got there early morning, as I drove all night from the Gold Coast to the Central Coast NSW. Rest in Peace Bill, love you like the brother I never had.

Bob Meehan

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  • John George May 31, 2024   Reply →

    Billy was a great Digger. I was privileged to be his platoon commander (8 ppl CCoy 2RAR) SVN 1967-68. May he rest in peace: duty done.. thank you Billy!
    John George, OBE
    LtCol Retd)

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