New Canungra Vietnam Memorial Dedication.

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I am a subscriber to Frontline and also on the committee of the above project. (ex 6RAR SVN 66/67 – Sec of Runaway Bay RSL SB) I have not seen any reference to this in your regular missives, so here it is.  I ask if you could please include in a future issue.

Briefly:  the existing memorial was built in 2000 within the confines of the Canungra Army base.  Access now is almost impossible due to entry conditions. The CO suggested Kokoda Youth Foundation relocate it to the main gate area where it would be accessible to everyone.

Our Runaway Bay RSL SB was invited to assist, and the project is now at completion.

Dedication Date:  Friday 01 December 1100h on site, Kokoda Barracks, Canungra.

Dedicated by:  Rev Maj Richard Brown MM, a Battle of Long Tan Veteran plus other dignitaries.

Would appreciate you including so that our Vietnam Vets within Australia will be aware.

Many thanks

Graham Gordon

Graham & Jan Gordon

607 Aqua 300 Marine Parade

Labrador Qld 4215 Australia

G.0417 631 941   J. 0418 918 815

[email protected]


Canungra Vietnam Memorial Relocation Project information (004)Media Release –


Canungra Vietnam Memorial 251123

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  • Terry Tolhurst November 28, 2023   Reply →

    The idea that centrifugal force kept us from falling out of Hueys is, to say the least, fallacious ’cause I did, almost. I was sitting on the starboard side on an ammo box on the floor with my back to the door. We were flying through a bit of a squall and banking to the right when a wind gust hit and, basically, shoved the floor out from under me. My vivid recollection is of the rotor mast spinning in slow motion, rain in my face and, suddenly, the large very black arm of the door gunner grabbing the front of my shirt or webbing, I’m not sure which. and sliding me back inside.
    Absolutely true story. (SVN1996 or maybe 67 near Xuan Loc).

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