Roadrunner Drone Killer

Photo: Supplied by Anduril

Anduril Industries has unveiled a groundbreaking defence solution to address the escalating menace of combat drones. The new weapon, named Roadrunner, represents a cost-effective approach to counter the increasing threat of drone attacks.

The Southern California-based defence technology and weapons manufacturer acknowledges the rising accessibility of military-grade drones to terrorist groups. In response, Anduril aims to revolutionize the defence industry’s strategy in dealing with drone threats.

Developed in secret over the past two years, Roadrunner emerges as a compact autonomous fighter jet armed with a warhead. This unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) functions like a rocket during take-off and transforms into a high-speed plane to effectively combat the growing drone threat.

A notable feature of Roadrunner is its ability to autonomously return home, land, and be reused, setting it apart from other counterparts in defence technology. Described as a reusable, vertical take-off and landing (VTOL), operator-supervised Autonomous Air Vehicle (AAV), Roadrunner is equipped with twin turbojet engines and supports modular payload configurations for diverse mission requirements.

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  • A Tyson December 4, 2023   Reply →

    question re Roadrunner.
    Can the Roadrunner system combat drone swarms as is sometimes in use in the Ukrainef

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