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ED: This was in my inbox and poses a question … Thanks Geoff.

Set aside politics for just a second. My question is … If these people worked for you or your company and they could not answer a simple question like they are asked, would you fire them for not knowing facts highly relevant their job, a fact that are actually the fabric of their employment?

I would, but then again in this current world facts are not important it’s the objective.

The question is… What percentage of CO2 is in the atmosphere?

ED: My view: If it’s a fundamental aspect of their work, especially if they are in a field related to environmental science, climate change, or policymaking, then yes, it would be reasonable to expect them to know such basic information.

As for the percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere, as of 2022, it was approximately around 0.04%. It’s crucial for informed decision-making, especially in sectors where environmental impact is a concern.

If CO2 levels were to drop too low, it could potentially hinder the ability of plants to perform photosynthesis effectively, leading to reduced plant growth and productivity. This, in turn, could impact ecosystems, agriculture, and the availability of food resources.

Furthermore, CO2 plays a role in regulating Earth’s temperature through the greenhouse effect. While excessive levels of CO2 can contribute to global warming and climate change, too little CO2 could potentially lead to cooling of the planet, altering climate patterns in unpredictable ways.

While carbon dioxide concentrations dropping below 0.02% might not pose an immediate danger, it would have significant long-term consequences for Earth’s biosphere and climate if sustained over extended periods.





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