Exercise Diamond Shield 24 Completed Successfully.

During Exercise Diamond Shield 24, the Australian Defence Force has commenced comprehensive air defence operations, executing both day and night missions. This live training initiative underscores the ADF’s commitment to enhancing its readiness and capabilities across various operational scenarios. By conducting exercises around the clock, ADF personnel are honing their skills in detecting, intercepting, and neutralizing potential threats to national security, ensuring heightened vigilance and preparedness in safeguarding Australian airspace. Through Exercise Diamond Shield 24, the ADF demonstrates its dedication to maintaining a robust defence posture, capable of responding effectively to evolving challenges and safeguarding the nation’s sovereignty and interests.

Students were challenged with complex mission scenarios while flying F-35 Lightning II aircraft, with the assistance of KC-30A multi-role tankers and E-7A airborne early warning and control aircraft.

Group Captain Martin Parker, director of Exercise Diamond Shield 24, said the exercise involved dynamic scenarios to defend Australia from attack.

“Exercise Diamond Shield 24 is defensive in nature and we give the course participants really wicked problems,” GPCAPT Parker said.

“They come together to find the answers to these challenging scenarios and then they implement their solutions.

“It is effectively passing best practice from one generation to another whilst also giving them the environment to learn and thrive.”

Exercise Diamond Shield 24 forms part of the six-month-long Air Warfare Instructor Course (AWIC), which combines exercises with academic instruction and briefings on the ground.

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