1RAR 84mm Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle training.

Soldiers hailing from the esteemed 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment recently undertook a comprehensive static live-fire training session at the Townville Field Training Area, wielding the formidable 84mm Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle. This exercise was meticulously designed to enhance the confidence of personnel handling this sophisticated weapon system while also facilitating the qualification of junior non-commissioned officers through the Section Commander Battle Course.

The overarching aim of the course is to empower individuals to oversee the execution of range practices, thereby serving as a pivotal component of their career advancement within the military hierarchy. Major Lindsay Pritchard, the Officer Commanding Charlie Company, emphasized the pivotal role of this training in laying a solid groundwork for tackling more intricate ranges and activities scheduled in the forthcoming weeks.

Major Pritchard elaborated on the technical aspects of the 84mm Carl Gustaf, highlighting its breech-loaded, percussion-fired mechanism and its capability to be shoulder-controlled. Notably accurate and incredibly versatile, this weapon stands poised to address a myriad of scenarios encountered on the battlefield, from neutralizing armoured vehicles and fortified structures to illuminating nocturnal operations.

Looking ahead, Major Pritchard outlined the trajectory of the training program, which includes maneuverer practices encompassing dismounted manoeuvrers, as well as live-fire exercises at the section and platoon levels. He emphasized the importance of the static live-fire component in refreshing the skills essential for effective utilisation of the 84mm Carl Gustaf in diverse operational contexts.

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