(News Corp Sunday 5-2 ‘Early study into unique culture’) Professor Alfred Cort Haddon, a turn of the century figure revered today as the ‘founding father’ of British anthropology, stated, the aborigines were clearly “pre-Dravidian” people from South India.
“We only have to look at today’s southern India inhabitants and Australian Aborigines and we can clearly see a resemblance.”
In Haddon’s 1909 book, ‘The Races of Man’, he asserts that Australia was originally inhabited by Papuans, or Negritoes, who wandered everywhere from the north to the extreme south of the continent. Where the Indians either killed or drove off the original aboriginals—early pioneers reported the aboriginals cannibalised the pygmies of north Queensland.

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  • Swannie April 20, 2024   Reply →

    Gil May
    As a new student of Anthropology in the late 70’s at Adelaide University, one of the principals of doing historical research that we were taught was to read and research from a range of sources, consider them and then formulate a position based on facts.
    It appears that you have researched one book, found a conclusion that you wanted and have proceeded to expose yourself as an ill informed racist.
    If you had been inspired to research the topic a little deeper you would have found records of DNA proof of First Nations peoples having continually occupied the same areas of Australia for 70,000 years.

    • neale April 23, 2024   Reply →

      Swannie, you appear to have proceeded to expose yourself as one who likes to randomly throw out “racist” as some sort of weapon. Discussion of the movement of racial/ethnic groups to an area is not in itself racist. Until recently, racism was defined as alleging the superiority of one race over another, or ascribing a particular characteristic to a race (which isn’t always derogatory, eg “negroids are better than causcasians at basketball”). Now in many cases the definition has been broadened, by some, to be virtually meaningless and applied to anyone they disagree with.
      Accurate use of words is important, as is open discussion (even though both are frowned upon by the woke left).

      • Swannie April 23, 2024   Reply →

        The central point of the claim, based on one book, written pre DNA 1900s was that the First Nations claim to be the oldest living culture was wrong. That they had existed here for 70,000 years as the oldest living culture was wrong. The argument was that it was only 7000 years and it wasnt them, they were invaded and kicked out or eaten. If that isn’t claiming that the Aboriginal Culture is untrue, when DNA proof exists and is supported by the National Museum, the South Australian Museum.et.al. If you cannot see that to decry the Culture as a lie is not racist you really need to reconsider your position of what constitutes racism.

        • neale April 24, 2024   Reply →

          Haddon’s book appears to be inaccurate, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s “claiming that the Aboriginal culture is untrue” nor “decry(ing) the culture”, nor racist (by any reasonable definition). I’ve researched racism fairy well and am happy that I have a workable understanding of the term, and of terms like free speech and robust discussion.
          You’ve confirmed my previous points, thanks.

  • George F April 21, 2024   Reply →

    I have also read that a neanderthal was recovered in Russia a few years back and DNA samples were taken and showed a match for the Australian aboriginal. True or not?

    • Swannie April 21, 2024   Reply →

      Just quote me the source George F and I will get back to you

    • Swannie April 22, 2024   Reply →

      European descendants have more Neanderthal DNA than Aboriginal descendants who only share about 2%

    • Swannie April 22, 2024   Reply →

      European descendants have more Neanderthal DNA than Aboriginal descendants who only share about 2%

  • Robert Kennedy April 24, 2024   Reply →

    You should all read Rodney Liddell’s Book, CAPE YORK, A Savage Frontier.
    Rodney spent 10 years researching this book before writing it. He tells the truth about our earliest settlers and their penchant of eating their enemies and others. Those are the facts that the average person hasn’t heard of, and so find them hard to accept. For most of our lives we have only been taught what the system wanted us to know, and the truth didn’t count.
    However, anyone who really wants the real facts, will read this book. Rodney details the acts of cannabalism, and backs them up with the original sources of the information.

  • Ian Skennerton April 25, 2024   Reply →

    Read ‘Adventures of William Buckley’ – escaped convict in Victoria in 1803. He lived with the aboriginals for over 30 years.
    He confirms cannibalism and murders, payback and infanticide.
    Today the real history is forgotten or being deliberately changed.

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