25 Things No One Knows About the Vietnam War!

The Vietnam War was one of the most controversial and divisive conflicts in modern history. But how much do you really know about it? In this video, we will reveal some surprising facts about the Vietnam War that most people don’t know. Did you know that the war was not only fought in Vietnam, but also in Laos and Cambodia, or that the lotus became known as a symbol of death? These are just some of the facts that we will explore in this video, so stay tuned and learn more about this fascinating and tragic chapter of history.


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  • Rod Spragg December 3, 2023   Reply →

    After what gough whitlam (then prime minister) and his deputy jim cairns did while I was fighting the nva they were travelling to hanoi (north vietnam) to show their and australias support for the north. Both of these people and the ALP have blood on their hands and NOTHING WOULD SUPRISE ME WITH WHAT THE ALP WOULD DO TO THE ADF. AT THE TIME OF MY VIETNAM SERVICE I WAS 19 AND TOO YOUNG TO VOTE SO I WAS NOT ABLE TO VOTE (VOTING AGE WAS 21). I HAVE NEVER VOTED FOR THE ALP AND I NEVER WILL!!!!!

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