$35 Million Upgrade to Townsville Facilities.

Townsville, Australia’s largest garrison city, is set to undergo a $35 million upgrade encompassing both its army and air force bases. Currently hosting over 4,500 Australian Defence Force personnel, an additional 500 will relocate to Townsville by 2025 as part of a significant defence restructuring unveiled in September.

Last year’s strategic defence review underscored the necessity of enhancing the capabilities of Australia’s northern bases. With Townsville emerging as the new focal point for the Australian Army, the federal government emphasized the imperative for modern, purpose-built facilities at both Lavarack Barracks and Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Base Townsville to support crucial defence capabilities.

This is part of the government’s commitment to ensuring necessary upgrades across Australia’s northern bases, crucial for enhancing the defence force’s capacity to safeguard Australians.

The refurbishment plan allocates $16 million to RAAF Base Townsville, specifically targeting Hangar 75, housing vital air capabilities. This funding is in addition to the $700 million designated for RAAF Base Townsville to accommodate the army’s new AH-64E Apache helicopters, scheduled to be stationed in Townsville from 2025.

Lavarack Barracks will receive $19 million for the development of a new military working dog facility, training yard, dog obstacle course, messing facilities, and other critical capability infrastructure. Construction has already commenced at both bases, undertaken by local businesses, fostering opportunities in the trades and construction sectors, and generating over 600 jobs in North Queensland.

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