7 RAR Depart to Train Ukraine Armed Forces.

Soldiers from the 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (7RAR), 2nd Health Brigade, and Land Combat College bid farewell in a ceremony held at Defence Precinct Edinburgh in Adelaide. This marked their departure for Operation Kudu in the United Kingdom. The 90-member contingent is set to contribute to Australia’s ongoing support in training the Armed Forces of Ukraine in response to continuous Russian aggression.

On January 8, alongside family, friends, and local and federal politicians, members of South Australia’s Ukrainian community actively participated in the ceremony. The event featured a Ukrainian Orthodox blessing and traditional customs. Acting Defence Minister Matt Thistlethwaite expressed pride in the troops heading to the UK, emphasizing their role in defending the Ukrainian people and assisting in the training of Ukrainian soldiers against Russia’s illegal acts of aggression.

President of the Association of Ukrainians in South Australia, Frank Fursenko, underscored the crucial ties between Australia and Ukraine, highlighting the significant impact of the war and acknowledging Australia’s support as vital for Ukraine’s situation.

This deployment represents the fifth rotation of Australian troops and the inaugural participation of 7RAR in the UK-led multinational training mission. Major Michael Jack, the contingent commander, expressed readiness to lead his soldiers, emphasizing the qualities of 7RAR soldiers as physically and mentally tough, professional, compassionate, and courageous. The focus of the mission revolves around basic infantry tactics, leadership, and small-team training.

Commander of the 9th Brigade, Brigadier Tim Orders, reminded the troops of the importance of their mission, stating that their presence symbolizes hope and solidarity in a time of need. He highlighted that their efforts would not only strengthen the coalition’s resolve but also uphold the values of democracy and peace worldwide.

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