A Hope for the Future.

ED: The following was submitted by Brian Hurlock

It is not my place to be proselytising on behalf of a group just because I have decided to support them! I have no right nor intention to so do!

But as I’ve explained previously, I’ve known Gary Johns as a fellow Member of a variety of organisations for social good, over a period of about 30 years, and I consider him as someone I can genuinely claim to be a friend!

This new organisation he has helped to form with a group of other high achieving Australians, both Aborigine and non-Aborigine, is on the right path in my opinion!

Nothing can guarantee it, of course, but knowing Gary’s great achievements, and his qualities, his practical approach to problems, his ability to DO things, and to cut to the things that matter; plus his ability to communicate complex issues in plain, succinct, direct, common-sense language, have me confident this new NGO will be capable of actually achieving things where many others have failed!

Anyway, that’s why I onforward this latest from Gary! You might have an interest, you might not! Entirely your choice! But there is also the chance you might have someone in your family who you think might have an interest; or perhaps one of the offsprings or Grandchildren might NEED to see a different approach from the propaganda which has been stuffed into them by the totally biased (against Australia!) Education (sic) systems in our Nation?

Anyway, just doing what little bit I can still do at this late stage of my life, for the GOOD of Australia, NOT to keep the divisive race-based garbage going as we’ve been fed over recent decades! To change the policy direction, we’ve been on as younger generations are taught to hate their Nation and our Nation-building pioneers, rather than respecting them for what they achieved and handed on to us – Aborigine and non-Aborigine together!


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  • Phil Elliott February 21, 2024   Reply →

    I am extremely worried and concerned about the recent spate of stabbings by young teenagers. There has to be a serious problem that must be tackled before it gets worse. The forms of punishment for these horrific crimes are not a sufficient deterrent. My suggestion is to re establish 2 yr national service. This gives young people a training in responsibility and duty to Australia and often a trade. My experience comes from my service in the RAF in the UK in the 1950s. We had young men with us serving their 2 year National Service.. The sense of duty and comradeship led many of them applying for full time enlistment. Good for them and the country.

  • Greg Ward February 23, 2024   Reply →

    That’s a great idea Phil, and it’s been suggested by many that are smarter than you and I. The unfortunate thing is we have to convince the spineless people that run this country that it would improve many lives. I know very few that have served in the military that have not spoken kindly, if not affectionately, of their experiences, friendships made and direction it gave them. But, as I said, to convince the deaf, dumb & blind that run this country is an impossible task.

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