ADF Prioritizes Electrification of Vehicle Fleet

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is focusing on transitioning its vehicle fleet to electric propulsion, aligning with global trends in defence equipment. During a visit to the Hunter Valley on May 20, Minister Richard Marles emphasized the importance and versatility of electric vehicles (EVs) for future operations.

The ADF has already tested an electric Bushmaster vehicle prototype, demonstrating its capabilities during field training at Gallipoli Barracks. This initiative marks the beginning of a broader effort to electrify ADF vehicles, enhancing sustainability, durability, and performance in conflict environments.

Collaboration with companies like 3ME Technology, which specializes in lithium-ion battery systems and EV technology, is crucial for advancing these goals. The Deputy Prime Minister highlighted the importance of domestic innovation in defence manufacturing and the potential benefits of hybrid tactical vehicles, such as silent operation and reduced thermal signatures.


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  • Ken.T. May 24, 2024   Reply →

    Makes sense. China can then control the power plant running the vehicle. Whereas with combustion engines they could not. The last thing our Socialist Government wants is to get offside with those they have managed to please lately.

  • Stan Walters May 25, 2024   Reply →

    Electrification for the army vehicles….WOW!!! I wonder where on a battle field they will put the charging stations and what will the soldiers be doing while the vehicles are charging? Playing poker would be a good bet!

  • John (Jack) Snell May 25, 2024   Reply →

    A lot of crooked thinking on this one. What are the RAEME advisers thinking? Are they even being listened to?

    Once again, woke fashion trends triumph over practical considerations like energy density, logistics and critical missions.

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