ADF Recruiting Shortfall

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Dear Andrew Hastie,

I watched your segment on the Bolt Report where you discussed the possible causes for the major shortfall to recruiting targets.

What was missing from your argument, whether inadvertently or deliberately was the “Wokeness” direction in which our military is being driven.

You did allude to the fact that recruits might be too far from home and thus disinclined to join.

You didn’t mention the progressive reduction in entry standards applied to new recruits especially women, nor the disparity in the qualifying period.

You didn’t address the pursuit of the LGBTIA agenda (fingernails, high heeled shoes and rainbow military badges) that seem to take centre stage.

You didn’t mention the requirement for a significant proportion of ADF food to be “Halal” certified to comply with and appease a minority group.

You didn’t talk to the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion quota being imposed at the expense of the Masculine Anglo-Saxon majority from which you historically recruited.

But worst of all you didn’t refute the current Tall Poppy syndrome that seeks to denigrate the very essence for which the ADF once stood.

To the contrary you failed to stand up for the courageous men like Ben Robert Smith and Heston Russell and many others who put their lives on the line for Australia.

Instead, you allowed the court of public opinion lead by the MSM to smear them.

Instead of obfuscating Andrew – Address the real issues – lest you be remembered as the unworthy successor to Stephen Smith who started the ADF demise.

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  • stevow October 26, 2023   Reply →

    Well said.

  • Elliot October 27, 2023   Reply →

    The very same accusations of “wokeness” are being levelled at the US military by many on America’s political right. It’s a fair bet that the Chinese military isn’t afflicted by this nonsense.

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