ADF soldier killed in parachuting incident.

The heartbreaking news of Lance Corporal Jack Fitzgibbon’s passing has sent waves of sorrow through the Australian Defence Force and beyond. Jack, a beloved soldier and the son of former federal minister Joel Fitzgibbon, lost his life tragically during a routine training exercise when a parachute malfunctioned.

Brigadier James Kidd, acting special operations commander, described Jack as a “much loved and respected soldier,” reflecting the sentiments of all who knew him. His untimely departure has left a void that will never be filled, yet his father, Mr. Fitzgibbon, expressed enduring pride in Jack’s accomplishments, despite the profound loss.

The incident occurred at the RAAF Base in Richmond, casting a shadow over the tight-knit community of the 2nd Commando Regiment, where Jack’s comrades are grappling with the news. As investigations unfold and parachute training is temporarily halted, the Defence community mourns the loss of a young man who had dedicated himself to serving his nation.

For Jack, serving in the ADF was not just a job but a lifelong dream. Mr. Fitzgibbon finds solace in the knowledge that his son passed while serving his country, wearing the uniform he cherished. Defence Minister Richard Marles, and Opposition Leader Peter Dutton all expressed their condolences, recognizing Jack’s exemplary character and the profound impact his loss has on the entire Defence force.

In this time of profound grief, the nation stands in solidarity with the Fitzgibbon family, honouring Jack’s memory and the sacrifices made by all who serve to defend our country.

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