Advanced Armament for Australia’s Redback IFVs

Media Release

Hanwha Redback infantry fighting vehicles will be equipped with Mk44 Stretch Bushmaster chain guns through a newly announced industry partnership. The Mk44S guns are compatible with Northrop Grumman’s advanced ammunition suite, featuring programmable air burst munitions. This provides Australia with cutting-edge ammunition technology.

Over 20,000 Bushmaster chain guns are used globally by 65 allied nations across various combat platforms. Northrop Grumman’s Jennifer Zonneveld praised the guns for their performance and reliability, highlighting their choice by international customers. She emphasized the partnership’s goal to equip the Australian Army with the world’s most advanced medium calibre capability.

The advanced ammunition suite includes multifunction airburst, armour-piercing, and proximity-fused munitions, enabling crews to counter diverse ground and aerial threats effectively.

The program extends the Bushmaster legacy in Australia, where these chain guns are already integrated into the Australian Defence Force’s combat platforms. Earlier this year, Hanwha Defence Australia’s training team conducted driver training for the Redback IFV in South Korea as part of an ongoing skill development initiative.

The Australian government has signed a $4 billion contract with Hanwha Defence Australia for 129 Redback IFVs, set for manufacture in Australia with deliveries starting in 2027 and completion by 2028. Eight prototype vehicles will be produced in both South Korea and Australia. The contract also includes development and delivery of training and support systems, with initial support covering the first five years post-delivery.


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