Advanced Live-Fire Training at Shoalwater Bay Elevates 1 RAA Readiness

In May, soldiers from the 1st Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery (1 RAA) participated in an intensive live-fire training exercise at Shoalwater Bay Training Area. The training included “danger close” serials as part of a combined arms activity, enhancing the soldiers’ ability to defend their gun positions with both heavy weapons and small arms.

The exercise involved direct and indirect artillery fire, with one battery firing dangerously close to within 360 meters of the defending troops. This scenario tested the soldiers’ readiness and precision under pressure.

Lieutenant Colonel Khalid El-Khaligi, Commanding Officer of 1st Regiment, highlighted the significant benefits of the exercise. “This is our advanced live-fire training for both small arms and gunnery,” he stated. “It’s a surreal experience for the soldiers to have another battery firing danger close to defend another gun line. This opportunity sets a high watermark for our training.”

The chance to fire live rounds and test multiple skill sets was particularly exciting for the soldiers. Bombardier Luke Del Borrello noted the heightened focus and attention to detail brought on by the live-fire setting. “We’ve conducted similar training with blank fire before, but for most of us, this is the first time doing it live,” he explained. “Having danger close dropped near us pushes our readiness and training to new heights.”

Using live rounds required the soldiers to be exceptionally vigilant with their weapons drills and muzzle awareness. “You’re always conscious of these factors, but the use of live rounds intensifies that awareness to another level,” Del Borrello added.

This advanced live-fire training exercise has undoubtedly elevated the skill and preparedness of the 1 RAA soldiers, providing invaluable experience in a high-stakes environment.

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