Air Force enhances anti-submarine warfare capability on Exercise Sea Dragon

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) has deployed to Anderson Air Force Base, Guam to participate in the United States Navy-led exercise, Sea Dragon 2024.

From 8 to 24 January, two RAAF P-8A Poseidon aircraft and 51 personnel will conduct anti-submarine warfare missions alongside US Navy P-8A Poseidon, Indian Navy P-8I Neptune, Republic of Korea Navy P-3CK Orion and Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force Kawasaki P-1 aircraft.

The participating nations and aircraft will conduct a range of flying missions to track, identify and target submarine vessels, demonstrating their capacity to work together and operate effectively.

Exercise Sea Dragon Detachment Commander, Squadron Leader Jacqueline Killian, said the exercise provides an environment for the participating nations to further develop their interoperability and share tactics with one another.

“Exercise Sea Dragon provides a unique opportunity for crews from RAAF No. 11 Squadron to gain tactical experience conducting anti-submarine warfare missions with our Indo-Pacific partners,” Squadron Leader Killian said.

“Across the two weeks of the exercise our aviators will overcome a range of challenges, working to safely and effectively operate together.

“The training accomplished on Exercise Sea Dragon will ensure we are prepared to integrate within a maritime environment and provide effective deterrence for Australia’s maritime security.”

The P-8A Poseidon remains the RAAF’s primary anti-submarine warfare platform and will continue to provide maritime security both domestically and deployed overseas.

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