Andrew Bolt – YES Commercial Review

ED: While Andrew Bolt may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and I’ve experienced some pushback for sharing his opinions before, his perspective on the recent “Yes” commercial is certainly worth a look.

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  • Terry Forster September 22, 2023   Reply →

    you still haven’t been unbiased about the voice…

  • stevow September 23, 2023   Reply →

    Appears that no one is allowed to express an opinion anymore, especially if it does not agree with the hard left (commos). Even this site is subject to the left’s editing, I can’t access the item, it has been removed.

  • Richard Barry OAM September 24, 2023   Reply →

    We are getting a little worried about the state of the nation on the 15 October 2023. Will the losers retire gracefully?

  • Daniel 521229 Harkins September 24, 2023   Reply →

    i will be glad when all this crap about the voice is over what a waste of money which could have gone to help the homeless

  • Sandra & Bryan Fleming September 26, 2023   Reply →

    I thought that about the little boy when I first saw the ad, especially the bit about the “good” school. He could go to pretty much any school he wants to right now…if he chooses to go to school at all, and so many of the Aborigine kids simply don’t go. I’ve seen it for my self. Speaking to a teacher in a remote area of NT, he was proud of the attendance rate at his school that day 50% of students turned up, 1 child!

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