Army Innovation Day 2024

The Australian Army is inviting experts from the defense industry and universities to come up with new ideas to help soldiers operate better in coastal areas for Army Innovation Day 2024 (AID24). This event, held every year, is a partnership between the Advanced Strategic Capabilities Accelerator and the Australian Army, aimed at creating advanced technologies to tackle the Army’s toughest challenges.

AID24 will take place during the Chief of Army Symposium at the Land Forces 2024 International Land Defence Exposition in Melbourne on September 11-12, 2024. Major General Richard Vagg, Head of Land Capability, explained that this year’s theme, “Optimising the Soldier for Littoral Operations,” is about quickly providing new tools and technologies to soldiers to enhance their capabilities.

“The Australian Army needs to be strong and flexible, able to prevent threats and play a crucial role in the Indo-Pacific region,” said MAJGEN Vagg. “Our soldiers are our greatest asset, and making them more effective is our top priority.”

This year’s focus is on using innovative technologies to boost soldiers’ stamina, effectiveness, and safety in coastal and complex environments. “We aim to get these new capabilities to our soldiers as quickly as possible,” MAJGEN Vagg added.

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