“Australia Day Activists are misplaced.”

Indigenous academic Anthony Dillon contends that efforts by “blacktivists” to change the date of Australia Day are misplaced, urging them to redirect their energy towards initiatives that bring about tangible improvements for Indigenous Australians. According to a recent poll by the Institute of Public Affairs, nearly two-thirds of Australians support maintaining Australia Day on January 26, while only 17 percent advocate for a change in the date.

Dillon emphasizes that, for him, Australia Day remains a time to appreciate the nation’s greatness, an occasion to connect with friends and family, and an opportunity for relaxation. He suggests that the activism focused on altering the date is a diversion from addressing crucial issues affecting Indigenous communities. Dillon contends that the energy invested in advocating for a date change could be more effectively utilized in activities that genuinely contribute to the well-being and advancement of Indigenous Australians.

In Dillon’s view, these activists should prioritize initiatives that make a “real difference” in the lives of Indigenous people, addressing fundamental issues such as social, economic, and educational disparities. By redirecting their efforts towards meaningful and impactful actions, he argues, these individuals can contribute to positive change and enhance the overall well-being of Indigenous communities. Dillon’s perspective underscores the importance of channeling activism towards practical solutions that address systemic challenges faced by Indigenous Australians.

Photo: Anthony Dillon

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  • Alan Foyle January 17, 2024   Reply →

    Why all the fuss about 3% of the population, plus the “suddenly discovered their black relatives” brigade? What about the poor people living under the Central Station bridge, veterans, disabled? Homeless, no where to go, hungry, cold, etc. Some seem to believe they are more important than other Australians who stuggle to survive on a dialy basis. And that useles POS (piece of shit in case you did not know) Wong and Labor give $22 million to a raghead terrorist group in Gaza. Some voters I speak to say they would not pee on Albo but I would.

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