Australia v US in Artillery Competition

Australian gunners showcased their expertise and resilience in the recent US Army’s Best by Test artillery competition held in Hawaii. Hailing from the 4th Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery, a team of 31 personnel competed vigorously against international counterparts during the nine-day event on Oahu.

In a fierce display of military prowess, physical endurance, and technical artillery proficiency, the Australian Army gunners faced off against members of the US 2nd Division and 25th Infantry Division. Among the accolades earned, the 109 Battery clinched the title of Best Fire Support Team, with Captain Pat Glasby receiving individual recognition as the Best Forward Observer.

Captain Taras Jakubovsky recounted the team’s journey through challenging terrains characterized by steep hills and dense jungle, compounded by relentless rainfall. Despite the adverse conditions, the team persisted, averaging a mere four hours of sleep per night and covering extensive distances with heavy packs daily. Captain Jakubovsky emphasized the camaraderie and mutual support among team members, acknowledging the collective effort required to overcome physical and mental hurdles.

Reflecting on the experience, Captain Jakubovsky expressed pride in the team’s performance, viewing it as a validation of their training and a testament to their preparedness. He underscored the significance of collaboration with US allies, highlighting the opportunity to align methodologies and strengthen strategic partnerships.

Lance Bombardier Thomas Mundy echoed Captain Jakubovsky’s sentiments, emphasizing the rigorous nature of the competition and the team’s resilience in adverse conditions. He emphasized the value of integrating with American counterparts, noting the exchange of operational techniques and the enhancement of efficiency.

In conclusion, Mundy emphasized the honour of representing Australia on the global stage, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts and maintaining a positive reputation among international allies.

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