Australian Army Conducts Long-Range Firing Trials with Upgraded M113 APC

In Victoria, the Australian Army, in collaboration with the domestic defense industry, recently conducted long-range firing trials with an armed M113 armored personnel carrier (APC). Equipped with an R400 remote weapon system (RWS) developed by Canberra-based defense company Electro Optic Systems (EOS), the testing took place at the Puckapunyal Military Area.

Previously, the Army’s Robotic and Autonomous Systems Implementation & Coordination Office had converted the APCs into autonomous M113 AS4 optionally crewed combat vehicles. The R400 weapon system, designed to employ a 30mm cannon, demonstrated its capability to engage various targets including small to medium unmanned aerial systems and STANAG Level 3 protected vehicles. Additionally, it is adaptable to accommodate machine guns, automatic grenade launchers, and anti-tank guided missiles.

During the trials, EOS staff located in Canberra remotely operated the RWS from a distance of approximately 550 kilometers, successfully engaging targets at ranges of 300 and 600 meters. Ian Cook, EOS Defence Systems executive vice-president, praised the collaborative effort, stating that the success of the live fire counter-drone exercise at Puckapunyal underscores the dedication and expertise of both Australian Defence Force (ADF) and EOS personnel. He emphasized the significance of continuous innovation and training in modern warfare.

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