Australian Army | Land Power

Our circumstances have changed. The Australian Army is enhancing its power projection in the region. We are modernising how we train, doing more with our regional and global partners. Together, we are increasing our potency and sophistication. We generate land power to be ready to fight tonight. Alongside our partners, we are embracing new opportunities and adapting with what we have. The Australian Army is connected, protected, lethal, and enabled.

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  • Anthony Lowe January 20, 2024   Reply →

    All we need now is more men.

  • John PATERSON January 23, 2024   Reply →

    Definitely time to reintroduce NATIONAL SERVICE for all young Australians , as the youth of today and the Community as a whole need
    to have discipline and respect put back into the equation. If this does not happen then we will see a continued deteriation in what used to be the best Country in the world. Some rediculous number of our younger generation say that they would not pick up a weapon to defend our country. They may have a change of heart if one of the undemocratic regimes takes over.
    We ex service personell can only hope that never happens.
    This is the opinion of and old NASHO and believe me my 2 years in the Army were the best 2 years of my life and would NOT trade
    them for anything.

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