Australian Army’s Landing Craft

The Australian Army and two prominent companies have inked a memorandum of understanding, signalling their joint commitment to bolstering the army’s amphibious capabilities centred around BMT’s CAIMEN Large vessel.

In this collaboration, DNV will lend its expertise to BMT, customizing the CAIMEN Large to precisely match the requirements of the Australian Army. This strategic alignment aims to mitigate technical risks and minimize any disruptions to scheduling.

The CAIMEN has been meticulously engineered by BMT to facilitate the direct transport of hefty rolling and cargo payloads to various terrains such as beaches, hard standings, or ports. Notably, it boasts the versatility to undertake international voyages and navigate challenging open sea conditions.

This enhanced capability aligns seamlessly with the Australian Defence Force’s renewed emphasis on littoral operations, as highlighted in a recent statement. Graeme Nayler, BMT’s regional managing director for APAC, expressed confidence in the partnership’s ability to yield a ship design that prioritizes risk management.

By teaming up with DNV, BMT gains access to unparalleled expertise in certification and technical advisory services. This ensures that their designs adhere to rigorous standards and significantly contribute to Australia’s defence strategy. Nayler emphasized the potential of this collaboration to deliver heightened operational capabilities to the Australian Army.

Tim Holt, DNV’s area manager for maritime, echoed Nayler’s sentiments, expressing excitement about the opportunity to collaborate with BMT on such a crucial initiative. He stressed the importance of embedding the highest design standards into the CAIMEN Large from the outset, underscoring their joint commitment to providing a future-ready defence capability.


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